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The knit patterns available here are designed and charted by me, Cynthia Berrier.  My patterns feature my own inspirations and replications of many human size patterns.  I try to produce patterns in scale with each doll to give each one an authentic look.  I am dedicated to producing up to date doll knit patterns and instructions for the modern ball jointed and fashion dolls.
The patterns are easy to follow and use familiar knitting techniques.  Some patterns contain charts that you will need to be able to read and follow along.   I have each pattern rated by “experience level” and describe some of the techniques you will be using.
My patterns may be used to create OOAK knit wear for resale or personal use.  All other rights are reserved.
DollsWest Designs is a separate, privately owned business. I am not authorized by or in any way affiliated with any of the dolls shown here. The dolls on this web site are models only. I do not promote or recommend any particular doll.

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Designer Knit Wear Patterns for Ball-Jointed and Other Fashionable Dolls

Latest Pattern - Easy waffle stitch pullover (jumper), two sizes in one pattern for over 60 cm, like Iplehouse SID and SD sizes like Iplehouse nYID, Narae, Volks SD13 and Tonner's American Model
Next new pattern out December 15th:  Free Pattern for Iplehouse SID Females.  Easy long sleeve pullover (jumper)
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